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LIQUI MOLY Marine 4T Motor Oil

Does it boost performance and extend marine engine life?

According to Company claims, LIQUI MOLY Marine 4T Motor Oil extends engine life and boosts performance. Which gives rise to the salient questions: Do it really?

To keep four-stroke marine engines in top condition and boost performance, savvy owners choose LIQUI MOLY Marine Motor Oil. Specifically formulated for use on boats, the lineup offers the latest API and NMMA approvals and exceeds leading manufacturers' specifications.

High-performance LIQUI MOLY Marine 4T Motor Oil SAE 10W-30 and SAE 10W-40 are fully synthetic and deliver fast penetration to the engine and turbocharger. They contain unique additives that protect against undue wear and corrosion.

Marine 4T Motor Oil SAE 25W-40 and SAE 25W-50 are mineral-based motor oils that include LIQUI MOLY's specially formulated marine additives. Delivering a stable lubricating film, they keep engine seals flexible and provide for minimal oil consumption.

Whether inboard or outboard, LIQUI MOLY offers an oil for virtually any marine diesel or gasoline engine built. The company offers a convenient Oil Guide within its Android and iOS app and online at

High-quality LIQUI MOLY motor oil has been voted #1 in Germany for ten years straight. Marine 4T Motor Oil starts at $9.99 MSRP for a 1.06 qt. Container.

Timothy P. Banse, a professional writer with millions of words in print, is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, including marine engine stories in Popular Mechanics, Yachting and Motor Boating. He served in military intelligence as a paratrooper in Special Forces. Mr. Banse has worked professionally as a marine mechanic and service manager in Iowa, California, Arizona and Florida.