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Delta T Moisture Eliminator

Delta T's Moisture Eliminator Magic is as Simple as the Sea is Salt

No matter whether a gasoline or diesel fuel marine engine, moisture and salt spray in engine intake air wreak havoc. Not only does it corrode intake and exhaust valves, but also piston rings. Suffice it to say, wet, salty air shortens engine life. The bad news gets worse. Wet, salty air also slows fuel burn rate and and increases the duration of the combustion. This malady brings poor ignition and potential misfires.

The good news is there is a common sense solution by way of Delta T's line of Moisture Eliminators. Simply put, the technology strips moisture particles from the air so in turn the engine delivers optimal performance. And as you've already figured out, lowering humidity, significantly the potential for diminished damage that would otherwise causing corrosion ..

How a Delta T's Moisture Eliminator works is as simple as the sea is salt. Please forgive the pun. A Moisture Eliminators feature a series of vertical vanes mounted inside a plenum chamber. Moist air drawn into the cylinders first flows through it. Water particles, down to ten microns in size, or even smaller, are filtered out at a 97% removal rate. Collected liquid coalesces into larger droplets that drain out of the unit. Here's the eyebrow raiser.. It functions even during driving rain.

Eminently suitable for yachts or work boats, Delta "T" Moisture Eliminators are available in of white or black standard rectangular sizes, as well as custom dimensions, Both heated and chilled versions are available for extreme temperature conditions.

Delta T's Moisture Eliminator, a common sense refit solution to an under-performing propulsion system, are available in PVC or aluminum construction, and in custom sizes and shapes available fit any application or budget.

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