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Overview of Yanmar Marine's Potent 12.0-liter Marine Diesel Engine

Yanmar Marine 6sy-720 marine diesel engine

This 12.0L diesel, 720 hp, InLine, six-cylinder motor is founded upon a cast-iron block with one-piece, forged, connecting rods.

Steel alloy crankshaft journals are hardened and polished for greater reliability. Individual cylinder heads, as opposed to one long, bulky integral unit, means a single technician could service individual cylinders without requiring a helper or breaking his back. Engine weight registers arelatively svelte 2560 pounds.

Built by Scania in a joint marketing effort, Yanmar Marine's 12.0 Liter six-cylinder marine diesel is founded upon a cast iron block with one-piece forged, connecting rods.

On the performance side, the turbocharger inlet is cooled to maximize the volume of air drawn into the engine. That optimizes horsepower without shortening longevity. Heart and soul of the new machine is an electronic management system thatthat monitors rpm, turbocharger boost, coolant temperature and throttle position. Based on that critical data, fuel flow and injector timing are adjusted to maximize combustion and fuel-efficiency. The engine boasts the means to communicate with other on board monitor systems via the CANprotocol (Communications Area Network).

Overall Yanmar offers a broad array of diesel engines ranging from ten to 720 hp. In compliance with IMO regulations, all of its engines emit low levels of nitrous oxide emissions and minimal smoke.