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Suzuki Kerosene Outboard Motors

Suzuki marine kerosene outboards

Suzuki Kerosene Outboard Motors Power Fishing Boats in the Third World

Suzuki Marine kerosene outboard motors are popular in third world countries where the price of the fuel is at least 40 to 50 percent less than gasoline. For example, in India and Sri Lanka kerosene is subsidized (because it is used for cooking) making these alternative fuel outboards viable.

Suzuki Marine kerosene outboards are conventional, loop-charged, carbureted, two-strokes that start on gasoline and then transition to kerosene when warm. One might argue that makes them multi-fuel outboards, or at least bi-fuel outboards. Suzuki Motor's kerosene outboard ignition system is breaker-less which means no replacing points and condenser. A tune-up is no more complicated than tightening the spark plug gap, or outright replacing the plugs.

Kerosene outboards are better suited for trolling or long hauls than for short trips. They're popular on small fishing boats in third world countries even though service life is shorter(about half that of a gas engine) because of the increased combustion carbon byproduct. Kerosene outboards run at a higher temperature and combustion is not as efficient as with gasoline. No big surprise, burning lubricating oil and kerosene, exhaust smoke is copious.

Models DT 9.9K DT 15K DT 25K DT 40WK
Displacement (CID) 17.3 17.3 30.5 42.5
Bore x Stroke (inches) 2.32 x 2.05 2.32 x 2.05 2.79 x 2.48 3.11 x 2.80
Block Configuration I-2 I-2 I-2 I-2
Operating range (rpm) 4500-5500 5000-5600 5250-5750 5000-5600
Horsepower (propshaft) 9.9 15 30 40
Weight (pounds) 85-87 85-87 125 167-176
Fuel/Oil ratio
(Gas & Kerosene)
30 to 1 30 to 1 30 to 1 30 to 1
Gear ratio 1.92 to 1 1.92 to 1 2.09 to 1 2.90 to 1