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Northern Lights M944T Electrical Generator

Northern Lights 944t electrical generator

More Power in a Smaller Package Thanks to a Turbocharger

Northern Lights M944T GenSet provides more rated power in a smaller package thanks to a turbocharger that force feeds horsepower to the crankshaft. In the nomenclature the letter-T stands for turbocharger.

Northern Lights electrical generator output is 38 kW at 60 Hz. That's enough electrical juice to provide for the demands of a larger boat's AC, fridges, freezers and electronics. Good new for the environment, the new M944T meets all of the current EPA emissions standards.

A full complement of options and accessories makes it eminently easy to customize an installation. For example, a 20-foot long wiring harness and attendant remote control panel allows operating the generator set from the bridge. The engine proper's DC electrical system flows electrical current through reliable relays as opposed to delicate printed circuit boards. If the unlikely event a failure should ever occur, simply remove and replace the inexpensive relay.

True to Northern Light's heritage, all of the service points are located on one side within easy reach. Similarly the sea water pump's location makes impeller changes quick and painless. One particularly noteworthy option is front PTO (power take off) replete with an electric clutch. The setup provides pushbutton power for bow thruster and winches without starting main propulsion.

Northern Lights new GenSet runs whisper quiet thanks to some of Northern Light's bag of tricks that includes vibration isolation mounts, a cast air intake manifold and a sound maze intake silencer. A sound enclosure is available to hush sound quieter than a household refrigerator.