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An Overview of
Yamaha Kerosene Outboard Motors

Yamaha Enduro kerosene outboards on native craft

Yamaha Kerosene Outboard Motors
Power Fishing Boats in the Third World

Depending on where you live in the world, you may or may not know about kerosene outboard motors. Kerosene outboard motors are popular in the third world because in some places kerosene costs less than half the price of gasoline. For example, in India and Sri Lanka where the fuel is subsidized (because it is used for cooking and lighting), kerosene costs a mere 1/3 the price of gasoline. So naturally it follows, operating costs are significantly lower with a kerosene outboard motor.

About 16 years ago Yamaha Marine developed its kerosene outboard motors because of the demand within the Sri Lankan market where fishing villages such as Negombo have come to rely upon them. They start on gas, then Kerosene burns at a higher temperature than gasoline and combustion Yamaha kerosene outboards are founded upon the Yamaha Enduro, a carbureted two-stroke outboard motor series developed for commercial use (long hours of continuous operation) on small fishing boats and passenger vessels. Yamaha Enduro outboards boast enhanced strength and durability in the roller bearings, crankshaft and cylinder block, as well as an improved (chrome-plated) water pump.

Yamaha kerosene outboard motors on the beach in Asia