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Scania Marine Diesel Engines:
The 2020 Lineup

Scania  Marine Diesel - 1150 horsepower V8

Scania Marine Diesel - 1150 horsepower V8

Scania, a reputable Swedish manufacturer of engines for boats, trucks and industrial applications, has entered the North American pleasure boat market. Effective the 2020 model year, the company's marine engine platform includes three diesels in 9-, 13- and 16-litre displacements. It should come as no big surprise to learn each one of the three are worthy contenders for either propulsion or auxiliary applications. That includes platforms from fast patrol craft (planing hulls) to heavy river barges (displacement hulls). In other words, entirely appropriate for cruising and sportfishing boats. Necessarily they are emissions-certified for the U.S. market.

More particularly, Scania's 2020 marine engine lineup boasts three entries:

The DI09, 9-litre, 5-cylinder engine with power outputs from 220hp (162kW) to 400hp (294kW)

The DI13, 13-litre, straight-six engine with power outputs from 220hp (162kW) to 875hp (643kW)

The DI16, 16-litre, V8 engine with power outputs from 300hp (221kW) to 1,150hp (846kW)

Scania marine diesels are founded upon a compacted graphite grey iron-cylinder block and fitted with a wastegate turbocharger. The resulting lightweight engine, combined with Scania’s proprietary Engine Management System and common-rail, extra high-pressure injection system, deliver impressive torque and fuel efficiency. Predictably, the EPA has certified the engines as meeting the Tier 3 Recreational standard for marine diesels.

Scania engines are designed to withstand the harshest marine environment with minimal wear. Their compact, modular and lightweight construction make them easy to install and maintain. These blocks feature wet cylinder liners replete with individually replaceable cylinder heads. You probably already know Scania engines enjoy a rock solid reputation for strong performance and reliability along with first-class service and support. Case in point: Scania's Smart Support, a support and service network boasts more than 300 specialized service workshops worldwide. Further, its state-of-the-art logistics system ensures 98-percent parts availability within 24-hours in North America.

Model Configuration Displacement Horsepower Induction Valvetrain
DI09 I-5 9.3-Liter 220 @ 1800 rpm - 400 water-cooled turbocharger 4-valves per cylinder
DI13 I-6 12.7-Liter 220 to 875 water-cooled turbocharger 4-valves per cylinder
DI16 V-8 16.4-Liter 300 to 1150 water-cooled turbocharger 4-valves per cylinder