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A Directory of Yanmar Marine Diesel Motors

Yanmar Marine YM Series of Marine Diesels 29-hp

Yanmar Marine 3JH4 Marine DieseL 40-hp

Yanmar Marine 4JH4 Marine Diesel Engine 54-hp

Yanmar Marine-6HYM - 13.7 Liters/700 Hp

Yanmar/BMW Marine Diesel 260-hp

Yanmar SYS-TP900 900-hp 16-Liter V8 Marine Diesel

Yanmar 12.0 Liter - 720-Horsepower Torque Monster

Yanmar Pod Drives

Yanmar Sailboat Motors

For mid range boats Yanmar offers a 14-horsepower two-cylinder motor and a 20-horsepower, three-cylinder motor. Both feature revamped cylinder block and combustion chambers, replete with indirect injection and a swirl precombustion chamber. Payoffs include enviable fuel consumption, minimal emissions and particularly low smoke. Annoying vibration and noise has also given up the ghost. Both Yanmar’s are freshwater cooled which simply means seawater is isolated from the engine’s internal passages by a separate heat exchanger. With freshwater cooling engines live longer because they no longer rust from the inside out. an 80 amp, high output alternator is optional and a must-have item for anyone who wants the conveniences of home on board. Both new Yanmar’s are available in both inboard and sail drive configurations. Besides the two engine’s just mentioned, Yanmar offers a wide range of engines in about any hp rating you could conjure up.