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An Overview of Scania AB Marine Engines


The Scania logo depicts the crowned head of the mythical creature, Griffin. Derived from the coat of arms of the southernmost Swedish region of Skane, the Griffin is a symbol of strength, speed, alertness and courage.

As of 2020 Scania Manufactures Manufactures Marine Diesel Engines

Scania AB, the renowned Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses, also manufactures diesel engines intended for heavy vehicles and general industrial applications. As of 2020, it's litany of diesels includes marine engines. Its network of more than 1,600 workshops globally delivers parts, service and support in more than 100 countries around the world. Scania provides salient training for distributors, dealers and OEMs, consisting of online, classroom and hands-on teaching on how to maintain and diagnose Scania engines. Training can be conducted at Scania in San Antonio, Texas (Scania's North American Headquarters), or alternatively, at a distributor's location, or an OEM's facility. The company's MyCompass online portal provides service technicians with an opportunity to continue their education with Scania products by way of eLearning courses. Scania's modular system contributes to higher parts availability minimum waste and easier servicing. simply put, If you know one Scania engine, you know them all. The Scania global logistics network ensures parts are available for rapid delivery. Typically, within 24 hours – worldwide. Scania claims 98.5% of all orders can be delivered within the next business day.”

Overview of Scania marine diesel Engines

Studio shot of the Scania 1150-hp marine diesel

Studio shot of the Scania 1150-hp marine diesel