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General Motors Vortec
HO 3000 I-4

Gm vortec HO 3000

Vortec is the Trademarked For a Line of General Motors Engines

The Vortec trademark first appeared back in 1988 on a 4.3-Liter, V-6 gas engine that created a vortex of swirling air and fuel in its combustion chambers promoting a better mix of air/fuel.

Crate engines are sold by the truckloads to Volvo Penta, MerCruiser, Indmar, and PleasureCraft Marine, all of whom marinize long blocks by adding intake and exhaust manifolds and either a carburetor or fuel injection plus a marine grade starter and alternator (prevents fire at sea!). The 142-horsepower, four-cylinder Vortec displaces 3.0 liters, or 181 cubic inches.