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How to Diagnose and Repair Marine Engines

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Directory of articles on: Rebuilding carburetors, tuning an engine, draining gearcase oil, changing spark plugs, Spring commissioning and fall lay-up and propeller problem diagnosis.

Proper Maintenance is Absolutely Critical to Maintain Marine Engine Performance And Fuel Economy. Naturally it follows, in order to do maintenance correctly, you first need to know what procedures to follow, when to do them, as well as what tools and accessories you'll need in order to get the job done. Hereinbelow are the answers detailing how to diagnose and repair marine engines including outboard motors, stern drives and inboard marine engines and pod drives.

Winter Lay-Up and Spring Commissioning

Winter Lay-up For Marine Engines

Managing Winter Lay-up For Marine Engines

Mid-Season Maintenance

How to Spring Commission a Marine Engine

Get the Book!

Marine engine layup the book

Notes from a marine mechanic's bench on how to service, diagnose and repair Outboard Motors, Stern Drives and Inboard marine engines. Includes: winter lay-up and spring commissioning procedures; tune-ups, carburetor rebuilds and water pump repairs.

Features a special section with forms to record work completed. Be advised this is not a shop manual, but instead a marine mechanic's notes on how a DIYer can accomplish these otherwise expensive procedures on his own. $9.99

Preventive Maintenance

Should You Paint Your Transom Black?

How to Keep A Small Outboard Motor Running Strong

Doctor Your Engine For Smoother, More Fuel-Efficient Running.

Learn 8 Simple Rules For Smooth Running Marine Engines

How to Tune Your Marine Outboard, Inboard or Sterndrive Engine

How to Select and Install Spark Plugs in a Marine Engine

How to Rebuild an Outboard Carburetor

The Lower Unit, Sterndrive and Outboard Motors


How to Change Lower Unit Gear Oil

How to Repair an Outboard Water Pump

How to Diagnose and Repair a Spun Outboard Propeller Hub

How to Change an Outboard Propeller in the water

How to Stop Corrosion on Outboard Motor and Stern Drives

How to Stop Barnacle and Marine Growth on Lower Units

How to Maintain a Pod-Drive

Common Repairs

How to Dissect an Oil Filter

Ten Must-Have Tools for DiYers

Expedient Tools for DiYers

How to Work On Your Own Outboard Motor

Canned Cures: Potions and Oils for Max Engine Life

How to Free Stuck Nuts and Bolts Using Fire & Ice

De-Carbon Outboard for Smoother Running, More HP

What to Do When Your Outboard Motor Takes a Swim


The first rule of troubleshooting: Is it plugged in?

Offshore Trouble Shooting:

How to Survey a Marine Engine Like a Pro

How to Diagnose and Remedy Water in the Fuel

Learn How to Extend Engine Life

8 Simple Rules for Longer Engine Life

How to Make a Engine Live Longer

How to Deal With Marine Mechanics and Boatyards

How to Choose A Marine Mechanic

How To Become a Marine Mechanic

How to Talk to Your Marine Mechanic

Oppornockity: The True Tale of an Ace Marine Mechanic

How to Spot Boatyard Scams

Must Have Tools for DIY Mechanics

The Basics of Bow Thruster Maintenance

Boat Trailer Repairs

Grease gun
The Trouble With Trailers (wheel bearings & rust) Snap-On Screwdriver

Helpful Axioms For the Do-It-Yourselfer

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

"Never use force, just get a bigger hammer!"

"Is it plugged in?"