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Cheap Horsepower Boost
for Marine Engines

Swap Your Marine Engine's Stock Flame Arrestor for a High Performance Marine Flame Arrestor and gain an Instant Horsepower Boost

K & N Intake flame arrestors for marine engines

Stock flame arrestors do a fine job of preventing engine room backfire and explosions. The factory units are, however, a necessary compromise between unit cost and horsepower. For many boaters they are entirely adequate. But for those of us who demand maximum horsepower from every single drop of fuel, there is a worthy alternative: The K& N Flame arrestor.

Swapping from a stock flame arrestor to a K & N can boost horsepower by as much as 15 percent. This U.S. Coast Guard approved flame arrestor works its magic with a unique filter element that straightens and channels air flow through its screen mesh and oiled cotton gauges. Air friction is dramatically reduced which pays big dividends in air flow. Marine engines fitted with a K & N high performance flame arrestor build more horsepower than an engine with no filtration at all. K & N Air Intake replacement marine flame arrestor

Besides building more horsepower it also filters ambient air. Important to know, air quality on the water is about the same as on land, plagued with dust and dirt. Replacement K & N filters and marine flame arrestors are available for stern drive and inboard powerplants as well as for personal watercraft. Different models of K & N marine flame arrestors fit a wide variety of MerCruiser, Indmar Marine and Volvo Penta L-4s, V-6s and V-8s.Cost is about $100.