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Yamaha Y.E.S. (Yamaha Extended Service) is a factory-backed extended service contract for Yamaha Outboards. Is it a good deal?

While a Yamaha outboard is still in warranty, and in the unlikely event something goes wrong, the factory will step in to cover the expensive repairs. Everybody knows that. But what happens after the warranty expires? The answer is as simple as the sea is salt. Get out your credit card and be prepared the foresight to invest in an extended service contract. Yamaha Marine's Y.E.S. is an alternative that let's you keep your wallet in your pocket and let paying for repairs be somebody else's problem. How can this be?

Simple. Sign up for Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.) coverage for a fraction of the cost of a major engine repair bill. Even better there are no deductibles leaving you grumbling. Administered by Yamaha Marine, Y.E.S. is not administered a third party as some programs are. Instead, Y.E.S. is a Yamaha Marine product. Why would that even matter? Because in the past boat owners have bought a new engine and spent money for a service contract that in a to spend anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands. That is unless you hadcouple of years wasn't worth the paper it was printed on because the company had gone bankrupt. That's not going to happen with Yamaha.

So why would anyone be interested in an extended service contract in the first place? Number one, Y.E.S. is transferable when its time to sell or trade in, which in turn and pumps up an outboard motor's resale value. The second, and most valuable reason: If you still own the engine years from now you'll be happy to learn Y.E.S. seamlessly goes into affect automatically when the original Yamaha factory warranty term expires. Then if anything goes haywire the engine can be worked on at any one of the Yamaha outboard dealers nationwide. Won't cost you a dime.

Y.E.S. coverage takes the sting out of post warranty term repairs no matter whether repairs cost a hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. Other than days lost during boating season, repairs become Yamaha's problem, not yours. There's complete coverage on mechanical defects, excluding repairs due to normal wear and tear or aging. You know, things like hitting a rock and wiping out a lower unit or shucking the blades off a stainless steel propeller.

The good news gets even better. Y.E.S. coverage includes TRIP (Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection) that goes into effect the day you buy Y.E.S. In other words it's good from day one; even during the entire pendency of the factory warranty period. TRIP pays up to $250 per occurrence for unexpected food or lodging expenses, transportation expenses, even a charter or rental boat. Restated for emphasis, it's not a one time deal, TRIP antes up each time there's a covered warranty or Y.E.S. repair.

Finally, for dollars and cents information, either consult face to face with your local Yamaha dealer, or call Yamaha at 866-YES-EXTD.

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