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Volvo Penta
Multi Function Color Display

Volvo Penta's Multi Function Color Display
Illuminates the Information Age for Boats

Volvo Penta's new color display is a true information center that shows data from up to three marine diesels, trip computer information and data from a multitude of different sensors. That includes things like rudder angle, water temperature and freshwater tank levels. Its seven-inch-wide screen is high definition, which means excellent readability, even in bright sunlight. Volvo Penta's Dynamic Positioning System talks to twin GPS to hold position steady.

The function is programmed with a basic setting that can be easily modifies to suit individual tastes. Choose what data should be shown and in what way. Shortcuts make it simple to turn functions on or off, such as Powertrim assistant and Low-speed mode.

The display can show the feed from a video camera mounted anywhere on the boat, monitoring the engine room or showing the view astern in order to simplify docking. The menu for fuel economy, together with the trip computer function displays current and average fuel consumption, distance at current fuel consumption, and more.

In the settings menu, the driver can easily make adjustments: choose one of nine different languages, select units for speed and distance, and the warning sound volume. It is also easy to make fine adjustments to different EVC functions, such as drive angles for Powertrim assistant and lowest speed with Low-speed mode. Volvo Penta's color display is compatible with marine diesel and gasoline engines running Volvo Penta's electronic platform (EVC).

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