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Volvo Penta IPS 800 & Volvo Penta IPS 900

A Potent New Power Class in Volvo Penta Engines

volvo penta ips800 ips900

Heart and soul of the IPS800 and IPS900 is Volvo Penta's 11.0-liter marine diesel.

Denominated as the model D11, this marine diesel comes in both 600 and 700 horsepower versions. To better understand the nomenclature suffice it to say the IPS800, in spite of a 600-hp rating, the pod drive is so efficient that it runs like it has 800-hp, albeit with significantly better fuel economy. Volvo's D11 marine diesel engine is founded upon an in-line 6-cylinder block fitted with high-pressure fuel injection and a unique twin-entry turbo replete with pulse charging. Suffice it to say torque comes on strong from low rpm. Volvo Penta IPS spinning its forward facing propellers are a complete, integrated package that includes the engine, transmission and exhaust system, along with fully electronic steering. Aimed at boats running from 28 to 40 knots top speed, at maximum power. Fuel consumption and emissions are miserly low. Both models satisfy European Union and US EPA Tier 2 regulations.

Volvo's IPS system is available for twin, triple and quad-engine installations, which means it can find a happy home in boats ranging from 35 feet to 100 feet. Consider the fact that a quad-engine installation of Volvo Penta IPS900 is the equivalent to a conventional installation generating 3,600 horsepower. Only with IPS fuel consumption is significantly better and range extends. The improvement can be more than 30-percent. Plus the boat runs cleaner and quieter with significantly improved handling manners.

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volvo penta ips800 ips900