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Learn About the Volvo Penta Dynamic Positioning System for Pod Drive

volvo penta dynamic positioning system components

Volvo Penta's Dynamic Positioning System Holds The Boat In Position While Waiting
For A Fuel Dock, Bridge Or Lock

How it works is as simple as the sea is salt. Simply press a button. Then the boat automatically maintains its position on the water. Engines and drives get their marching orders from twin GPS receivers (As in cut, plot, fix). Firmware controls the engine rpm, shifting and pod angle. The seven-inch color display shows status of the system.

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Volvo Penta's Dynamic Positioning System
talks to twin GPS to hold position steady

It doesn't matter whether the boat is powered by two, three or four IPS systems. Acceleration and shifting occur in the same way with twin, single lever, controls. Both joystick and the new Dynamic Positioning System are available. There's also a low-speed mode. In operation, a slip-clutch halves boat speed from six knots to three knots making low-speed maneuvers in close quarters smoother and safer. Dynamic Positioning System has been an option for all Volvo Penta IPS diesel models from the model year 2010.