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A Review of the Volvo Penta D3 Marine Diesel Stern Drive Volvo Penta Sterndrive

volvo penta d3 marine diesel twin sterndrives
Model D3-140 D3-170 D3-200 D3-220
Displacement 2.4 Liters 2.4 Liters 2.4 Liters 2.4 Liters
Configuration In-Line 5 In-Line 5 In-Line 5 In-Line 5
Horsepower 140 @ 4000 rpm 170 @ 4000 rpm 200 @ 4000 rpm 220 @ 4000 rpm
Weight w/drive 353 Kg

Volvo Penta's D3 Common Rail Marine Diesel Comes in Four Different Horsepower Ratings
Ranging From 140- to 220-Horsepower

The basic motor is based on a state of the art Volvo car engine, the 2.4 liter, five-cylinder aluminum block. The engine's piezoelectric injectors can cycle twice as often as magnetically triggered injectors, so short duration injections can generate more easily ignited mixture flows. Also the circular side opening creates a cone-shaped stream of fuel droplet emanating from the top center of the combustion chamber that can be timed to produce a charge of varying density.

True to its common rail genes, it's very quiet and virtually smoke free. Advanced cross-flow cooling maintains an even engine temperature. Variable geometry turbo-charging builds big torque from very low rpm up to wide-open-throttle with a payoff of shorter time to plane and higher top speed. D3's emissions meet the very stringent US EPA Tier 3 regulations, which will come into force in 2012.

Volvo Penta's electronic vessel control platform (EVC) is standard and includes electronic shift and throttle. With EVC it's possible to have instrumentation, or complete helm stations, in up to four locations on board.

The propellers for the DPS are now available in a completely new model. Then new I-series blade has a patented design that makes it highly efficient. The propellers are made of high-strength aluminum, which is die-cast under extreme pressure. The result is propellers with thin yet strong blades. Performance is in the same class as propellers made of stainless steel.

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