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Electric Outboard Motor for Kayaks

Torqeedo's electric outboard motor for kayaks

An Electric Outboard Motor for Kayaks
That's as Powerful as a Conventional
One-Horsepower Gas Outboard

Torqeedo's innovative electric outboard motor was specifically designed for fishing

Weight 15 Pounds
Speed 6 Knots
Range 12-15 Miles
Battery type Lithium

Torqeedo's Ultralight 402 weighs a mere 15-pounds including the battery. It easily mounts on most rigid kayaks and can operate when temporarily submersed. Its thrust is equivalent to a one-horsepower gas outboard, enough torque to move a kayak at a maximum speed of about six knots for about a half an hour. Range at slow speeds is from 12- to 15-miles.

Heart and soul of the new machine is the synergy of cutting-edge electric motor technology, lithium batteries and advanced propeller design. An onboard computer juxtaposes information from the motor, the batteries and a built-in GPS in order to calculate remaining battery charge and range. Torqeedo's new Ultralight 402 has a suggested retail price of $1,799.