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Suzuki Marine 9.9 Outboard Motor

Suzuki Marine's 9.9 horsepower four stroke small outboard motor.

Suzuki's 12.7 cubic-inch, twin-cylinder outboard is available in both 8.0- and 9.9-horsepower versions. Because it's four-stroke, it does not smoke like a chimney, as do yesteryear's two-stroke outboards. Idling in neutral, sound levels registered a whisper quiet 64 dB. During testing, a shoreside admirer commented on how quiet the engine was. The fact that we could hear the fellow singing the motor’s praise from 50 yards away was a testament to the 9.9's soft-spoken nature. Suzuki says these engines boast a 50-percent longer range than an equivalent two-stroke. And because it is a four-stroke there is no premix. DF 9.9 weighs ten-pounds less than the previous model.

Learn the results of a long term, hands-on test of Suzuki's DF 9.9 four-stroke outboard motor.

As for performance, I tested the Suzuki 9.9 outboard motor on an Avon Rover Lite, a 9-foot inflatable RIB. With its V-hull acceleration was quite pleasurable. Starting the motor was instantaneous, no matter whether the engine was stone cold, or hot to the touch. The multi-function tiller handle includes the gear shift, throttle operation and throttle friction adjustment. An over-rev limiter and low oil pressure warning protect the engine. Electric start and choke are available.

I like the fact that this motor has an engine oil filter. Other brands of this horsepower do not. With their modest crankcase oil sumps (less than a quart) small four-stroke outboard motors are particularly sensitive to the purity of their crankcase oil. An oil filter provides an extra margin of error. Don't forget to change the oil regularly.

Electric and manual start models are available. One noteworthy option is the 10-amp alternator (4-amps more than Suzuki Marine's previous generation 9.9) that can be wired to power running lights and a handheld spotlight. I use a spotlight to find my boat in a crowded mooring at night. Flashlight battery powered LED running lights are my favorite, but restrict you to a speed of no more than 7-mph. Finally, the Suzuki Outboard Motor warranty term runs for three years.

Second Generation 4-Stroke Boasts Light Weight

Suzuki Marine 9.9 HP
Cylinder Block Configuration InLine-2
Displacement 12.7 CID
208 CC
Bore x Stroke 2.01 x 2.01
Operating range 5000-6000 rpm
Fuel System Carburetor
Fuel 87 Octane or better
Up to 10 percent Ethanol
Ignition System Capacitor Discharge
W/Electrornic Spark Advance
Alternator Output 10 Amps
Starting Manual or Electric
Gears F-N-R
Gear ratio 2.08 to 1
Weight(lbs) 95