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Steyr Marine Diesel Engines: I-6 250 HP

Steyr Motors In-Line Six-cylinder Marine Diesel Engine Competes with Gasoline Inboards on Price and Performance

Steyr Motor's InLine Six-cylinder diesel is intended to replace gasoline motors.

If the engineers in white lab coats at Steyr Motors continue on their quest, the venerable gasoline marine engine may soon become extinct. The reason is as simple as the sea is salt. The Austrians build a 250 horsepower diesel in-line 6-cylinder marine diesel specifically designed to compete head-to-head with General Motors 5.0, 5.7 and 6.0 liter V-8 gas inboards and stern drives.

Turbocharged, inter-cooled and featuring two-stage fuel injectors, the  Steyr marine diesel builds more horsepower per cubic inch than ought to be legal. At the same time, it sips fuel at a miserly rate. Best of all: Atypical for a diesel, it's not particularly heavy, thanks to its high alloy, lightweight castings. Other good news, smoke and fumes are virtually nonexistent. The engine mates to a wide variety of transmissions, including direct-drive, horizontal, eight-degree down angle and 12-degree V-drive. It's also an appropriate choice for the MerCruiser Bravo drive leg.