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MTU Bluevision for Marine Diesels

MTU marine diesels MTU M93 1200 horsepower V8

MTU Bluevision talks to marine diesel systems from bow to stern

MTU Bluevision is a remote control for propulsion systems with as many as six drive shafts, and either fixed or adjustable pitch propellers, or even waterjets. From one to six helm stations can be plug and play connected, sending and receiving vital information via CAN data bus connections. Vital system diesel motor information displays on hi resolution, flat screen monitors in vivid graphics and text.

MTU M93 - A 1200 hp V-8 marine diesel

Trackball operation is part of the package. Two MTU Model 93 diesels, a 1200 horsepower V-8 and a 1500 hp V-10 are offered with Bluevision. Intended applications include fast yachts. Mechanical attributes of the MTU V-8 and V-10 marine diesels are a triple walled, liquid cooled exhaust manifold for greater temperature control and noise reduction. Turbocharging is sequential, (boost-more boost-max boost) for razor sharp throttle response and a powerful top end.

mtu bluevision remote control

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