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Mercury Racing 1200 SCI
for Marine Diesels

Mercury Racingís most powerful consumer stern drive ever built is the ferociously powerful 1200 SCi, a high-performance 557-cubic inch V-8 engine. The big block powerhouse draws its breath through Lysholm twin-screw superchargers. Boost is variable. Two injectors per cylinder flow the fuel. Eight ignition coils, one per cylinder, light the fire.

The combo makes for turn-key starting, mind numbing acceleration yet with an incredibly smooth idle. Thatís a big deal for a performance motor. Mercury Racing 1200 SCiís 800-rpm idle speed makes shifting into and out of gear smooth as silk. That means thereís less chance of stalling when docking, or during other slow speed maneuvering, unsavory traits normally associated with full race horsepower monster motors.

No big surprise, Hi octane gasoline is mandatory. A sophisticated engine guardian system forwards problems that could lead to engine damages.