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Mercury Marine's RED HOT 225 OptiMax

Mercury Marine's 225 OptiMax is a Direct Fuel Injected (DFI) two-stroke. It is red hot. Interesting to note, its genesis was a collaboration between Mercury Racing and Mercury’s consumer outboard’s division. The wild child is a 3.0 liter V-6 powerhead mated to a Torque Master gearcase, replete with over-sized gears, bearings and special cooling water pickups. Translation: Mucho horsepower and a tough as nails personality, blended with race course proven reliability.

You should also know Mercury OptiMax motors light their fire with the Orbital Combustion Process (OCP). Essentially, this Australian technology shoots raw gasoline directly into the combustion chamber in the precise volume and at the optimal moment to build plenty of horsepower and minimal emissions.

Compared to the obsolete conventional two strokes of yesteryear, Opti motors burn up to 45-percent less fuel. Another benefit, at the fuel dock 87 octane works just fine. Because it is an Adkins Diet-thin two-stroke, it tips the scales lightly. SmartCraft system view display is optional.