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The NEF 370

Iveco 370 horsepower marine diesel

Iveco Motors of North America builds the powerful, high-performance NEF 370, an electronically-controlled, common rail marine diesel engine. Want particulars? The Iveco NEF 370 is an in-line, six-cylinder motor that's rated 370 horsepower. It weighs in at a mere 1312 pounds. Crunching numbers reveals an impressive power to weight ratio of 3.54 pounds per horsepower.

Iveco, headquartered in Torino, Italy boasts more than 100 years worth of experience building big diesels for trucks, locomotives and other applications. In 2003 it built more than 400,000 engines. Part of the Fiat group, Iveco is renowned worldwide for its potent, fuel efficient diesels. So it should come as no surprise to learn the new NEF 370 meets current and pending emissions requirements. According to company spokesperson, Michelle Nisenboim, if past is prologue, reliability and enviously low fuel consumption should figure prominently in the new marine engine’s popularity.

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Horsepower rating


Cylinder Block Configuration

In Line 6-cylinder


1312 pounds