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FPT/Iveco Marine Diesel Cursor Family:

543 and 760 Horsepower Marine Diesels

Iveco Marine's Cursor Family of diesel engines

Iveco Motors recently unveiled a family of low-emissions marine diesels with ratings ranging from medium commercial duty to high performance pleasure duty. The Iveco Cursor 550 is a 7.8L motor rated 543 horsepower at 2600 rpm. While the larger Cursor 770 displaces 12.9L and is rated 760 hp at 2300 rpm.

For customers requiring a heavy duty continuous rating, there's also the 7.8L Iveco Cursor 300 rated 295 hp at 2000 rpm as well as the 12.9L Iveco Cursor 500 rated at 493 hp at 2000 rpm.

More good news, all Cursor diesel motors and their ratings are EPA certified for use in either pleasure or commercial applications. Turbocharged and after-cooled, the Iveco Cursor family of marine diesels feature an inline 6-cylinder block No big surprise, the two different displacement motors use different sized blocks. Both marine diesels share a bedplate design that ties the main bearings together in a single casting. When bolted to the engine block, the one-piece structure strengthens the engine as a whole. Besides extending longevity the big payoff is an enviable power-to-weight ratio.

Fuel injection and the Electronic Control Unit are Bosch. Iveco Cursor is an electronically controlled marine diesel. So naturally it follows, the ECU monitors vital signs and reduces power in the unlikely event it notes a malfunction. For example, should coolant temperature soar, the ECU reduces fuel flow until the engine returns to a normal operating temperature.

Similarly, should the throttle malfunction, the engine shifts into limp home mode, limited rpm to the middle of its operating range. another algorithm prevents engine runaway. Finally, the raw water pump's bronze impeller eliminates the hassle of seasonally replacing a rubber impeller.




Cursor 300


295 @ 2000 rpm

Cursor 500


493 @ 2000 rpm

Cursor 550


543@ 2600 rpm

Cursor 770


760 @ 2300 rpm