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Indmar Marine/Steyr Marine Diesel

Indmar Marine is renowned for its line of gasoline V-6 and V-8 ski boat engines, and more recently, for pioneering ETX/CAT the world‘s first production catalytic converter for inboards.

Indmar Steyr marine diesel motor for skiboatsNow the Tennessee-based company has unveiled the 256 a Marine Diesel for Skiboats. This comes thanks to a partnership with Steyr of Austria. What the two have wrought is partnership that fielded a viable diesel alternative for high use gas V-8s operating on fresh and saltwater. No big surprise given both company's reputations, fuel economy is exemplary. Acceleration, so vital to skiing, is sizzling hot.

Indmar’s 256 Marine Diesel is a In-line six-cylinder rated 250 horsepower diesel is one of the lightest, cleanest burning and fuel efficient six-cylinder diesel motors extant. No big surprise, given Indmar’s ski boat heritage, the 3.2 Liter, turbocharged/intercooler motor accelerates with vigor. With its proprietary 2-stage Unit Injector system, max torque comes on at 2800 rpm 4500.

The Indmar Steyr diesel is particularly rugged, even for a diesel, featuring reinforced pistons and direct injection. The cylinder block is a mono-block design cast in a special cast iron alloy for extreme rigidity. Freshwater cooling with dual circuits along with attendant extreme corrosion resistance. lends long life. Emissions friendly, passes BSO II and US EPA Tier 2 regulations. Finally the alternator kicks out a whopping 90 amps, which is sufficient to run lots of electronics gear.