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Indmar Marine's Emissions Lab

Million Dollar Investment in a Marine Engine Emissions Lab

Indmar Marine's state of the art emissions lab

Back in 2002 Indmar Marine rather wisely  made a multi-million dollar investment in a state of the art emissions laboratory for marine gasoline engines. It was the first of its kind ever constructed by a private company.

Suffice it to say the investment paid big dividends in emissions reduction without any loss in performance. Its catalytic converter for marine engines can reduce smog -forming gases by more than two-thirds and carbon monoxide by more than half.

In 2006 Indmar's ETX/CAT (catalytic converter equipped V-8)  earned the California Air Resources Board (CARB) rating of Four Star Super Ultra-Low Emission rating. That's highest rating ever achieved by a gasoline inboard engine. Also that year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored Indmar with a special award for developing the first production catalytic converter for inboard marine engine (Once again the ETX/CAT (Extreme Tuned Exhaust with Catalyst)).

Family owned and operated for 30 years by Dick Rowe in Millington, Tennessee, the engine builder marinizes GM crate engines. Indmar boat builder clients include Malibu, MasterCraft and Skiers Choice (Supra and Moomba). Malibu and MasterCraft brand their ski boat engines with their own company’s name, while Supra and Moomba display the Indmar name. Indmar marine engines range from 310-450 horsepower