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Indmar Marine LY-6
6.0 Liter Inboard V8

Indmar's LY6 Small Block V8 Marine Engine Performs Like a Big Block.

This Smallblock V8
Performs Like a Big Block V8

Based on a tough as nails General Motors V-8 truck engine, the LY-6 is marinized and then fitted with the formidable MEFI-5 electronic control module.

Indmar Marine’s MasterCraft Power LY-6 is a 6.0 liter small block with horsepower and torque that rivals that of a big block V-8.

Instead of a one size fits all approach, Indmar painstakingly calibrates MEFI-5 to match each different hull form. That pays big dividends in stronger acceleration and better mileage.

True to the trend not only is there a custom calibrated Electronic Control Module, LY-6 also boasts Variable Valve Timing (VVT), mechanical technology that’s trickled down from the automotive industry. In short VVT allows building big horsepowwer at the top end of the rpm band, like a race engine, only without sacrificing drivability at slow speeds. In other words slow speed maneuvering is great.

An Indmar Marine spokesman describes LY-6’s acceleration from dead in the water to wide open throttle as mind numbing. Again, no big surprise, the MasterCraft Power LY-6 engines are replete with Indmar ETC, an Electric Throttle Control that’s silky smooth from idle to wide open throttle and back again, with a little or a lot of lever throw. Cruise control is part of the package and a saltwater version is also available.