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sanpan pontoon boat powered by a Honda BF 115

Honda Marine BF115 Power Thrust

Honda modified its BF115 outboard in order to meet the special demands of pontoon boats and deckboats

Honda BF115 hi thrust outboard motor for pontoon boats and deckboats

For the record, Honda Marine has never offered anything but four-stroke outboard motors ever since it entered the U.S. market back in the early '70s. Today, one of the most interesting developments at Honda is the way it's fine-tuning its outboards. Case in point is the new BF115 Power Thrust. Honda engineers modified a conventional BF115 to better meet the special demands of pontoon and deckboats. Instead of propelling a hull to maximum speed, these powerhouses focus torque in a way that more handily carries a full complement of passengers.

Engineers focused torque that not only power, but also lends more responsive maneuvering. That's a particularly welcome trait in a strong wind. Also, a torsion dampener positioned near the power head base lowers the center of gravity, further improving handling and maneuvering.

So what's the secret behind Power Thrust? This Honda outboard motor boasts 137 cubic inches more displacement than its competitors. The motor also swings a propeller pitched to do work at low rpm. And finally, the Honda BF115 Power Thrust is founded upon a marinized Honda Accord car engine, an engine renowned for reliability and long life.