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Evinrude E-TEC
115 Horsepower Outboard

Evinrude 115 horsepower ETEC outboard motor

Evinrude ETEC Outboard Motors
Require No Break-in Period

These Direct-Injected Two-Strokes Offer Enviable Fuel Economy And Blistering Acceleration

Evinrude raised more than a few eyebrows when it first introduced its potent V-6 E-TEC outboards. One reason why: No dealer maintenance is required for the first 300 hours of operation. For most boaters that translates into two or three years.

Even more to my liking the E-TEC outboards can be run full throttle from the first turn of the crank. No break in period is required, thanks to special surfacing of the cylinder bore that makes it like a big sponge sopping up oil Because E-TECs are direct injected two-strokes, there is no oil and filter to change. Premix is but a memory.

Recently I test drove one that was rigged on the transom of a Zodiac RIB. Given my previous experiences with bigger and smaller E-TECs, there were no surprises. I could feel torque come on strong at low rpm. Acceleration was razor sharp. I was particularly pleased to hear how quietly the engine purred and how pleasant was the sound of its muted voice. At idle the 115-horse ticks over at a mere 500 rpm. That is an enviably good characteristic for certain types of fishing and it also makes a boat more maneuverable during docking. Finally, the warranty term runs for three years.

Evinrude E-TEC Direct-Injected Outboards

Specifications: Evinrude E-TEC 115
Cylinder Block Configuration V6 - 60 deg.
Displacement 105 CID
Operating Range 5500- 6000 rpm
Weight 390 lbs.
Gear ratio 2 to 1
133 Total
50 Net

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