Cummins Mercruiser's Zeus

You probably recall how a couple of years ago Volvo Penta revolutionized inboard propulsion with the introduction of IPS, the Improved Propulsion System that mates a state of the art inboard diesel with a pod drive that protrudes through the bottom of the hull.

With Volvo Penta IPS there are no propeller shafts or struts. Instead, twin counter rotating propellers on each drive leg face forward instead of aft. There is no rudder. The drive units articulate, actuated by either power steering or a joystick. Benefits include significantly better handling at all speeds, vastly improved fuel economy and a low noise signature.

First generation Volvo Penta IPS was only available in twin engine installations. Now Volvo Penta has introduced a four engine installation on the brand new Lazzara LSX Quad 75 express motor yacht. Its hull form was specifically engineered to take full advantage of IPS. So naturally it follows the IPS Quad package boasts impressive top speed, strong acceleration, stellar fuel economy and enviable handling manners. The real eyebrow raiser is the way compact IPS Quad frees up what would have otherwise been engine compartment. Liberated space has been transformed into the crew’s stateroom and a sixth head, effectively bestowing the Lazzara 75 with the interior space of about an 80-footer. Another plus, IPS shallow draft measures from 12 to 18 inches less than it would be with a traditional twin screw inboard.