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Yamaha 3.3 Liter
4-Stroke V6 Outboard Motor

Yamaha Outboard F200/F225 - 200 and 225 hp 4-stroke outboard motor

Yamaha F200 and F225 Horsepower Outboards Get New Powerhead

Yamaha's F200 and F225 outboards continue to evolve with a new powerhead bringing stronger low end and mid range punch.

Lessons learned and hardware paid for during the research and development phase of the Yamaha F250 have trickled down the mechanical control box F200 and F225 outboards appropriate for re-powers or other applications where drive-by-wire technology is not appropriate. In other words these outboards are only compatible with cable control boxes.

So here's where it stands. Both the new 3.3L F200 and F225 are now equipped with Variable Camshaft Timing, technology that allows the Engine Control Module to advance or retard camshaft timing based on the engine rpm. Doing so increases efficiency in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. In other words there's more torque in the 2,000 to 3,500 rpm range, making these new outboards even more powerful than their predecessors.

Other techie items worthy of note: F200 and F225 models draw breath through a single throttle valve that meters airflow through long tube intake tracks. Long tube intake tracks are renowned for the way they pump up to low-end and mid-range torque. Translation: outboards accelerate stronger with tuned long tubes.  For the record, long track intake technology is nothing new. I first saw it back in the 60's on the venerable Chrysler slant six car engine. For Yamaha Motor's engineers to incorporate long track intake runners in a 4-stroke outboard more was a wise choice.

There's more. The knock sensor integrated into the ECM protects the outboard motor against low octane gasoline at the same time it maxes all available horsepower. Because the engine knows exactly where the danger zone is for ignition advance, it can safely bump up horsepower right up against the danger mark. The payoff is maximum acceleration without eroding fuel economy.

With these engines it's not only about horsepower. For example the flywheel has been fitted with rubber dampener that dramatically reduces vibration. And Yamaha's Shift Dampener System propellers are available forboth the F200 and F225 outboards.

CARB ultra low-emission emblem

Finally, the F220 and F225 are protected by Yamaha's three-year limited warranty for pleasure use and the outboards are three-star certified by the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) and are for sale in California.

Yamaha Marine F200 - F225
Block Configuration V-6
Displacement 3.3 Liters
204.6 CID
Propshaft HP 115
Cylinder head DOHC - 16 Valves
Operating Range 5000-6000 rpm
Compression Ratio 9.9 to 1
Starting Electric
Fuel Minimum 89 Octane
Transom Height 25"
Gear ratio 2.00 to 1
Alternator 55 Amps
Weight 593 Pounds
Warranty 3 Years

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