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Volvo Penta 225-hp Smallblock V8

Volvo Penta 225 horsepower V8 Volvo Penta's 350 CID smallblock V8 rated just 225-horsepower is an intriguing happenstance. The same displacement marinized GM marine is more commonly rated at a much higher output(292 hp @ 4800 rpm). So why in the world of marine engines was this one de-tuned? - more -

Volvo Penta's 380-Hp 6.0 Liter VVT

Volvo Penta 380 hp V8

Variable Valve Timing has begun to trickle down from automotive engines and big horsepower outboard motors to marine engines. A good example is Volvo Penta's new VVT V8 marine engine that boasts the brutish power of a big block along with the enviably good fuel economy of a small block. - more -

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