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Repairing outboard motors, stern drives and inboard marine engines is easy when you have the information that tells how to do it. Maintenance manuals explain how marine engines and boat systems work and how to keep the machinery operating at peak efficiency.

With a shop manual it's easy to learn the most efficient methods for laying-up a boat and motor for the winter or how to tune an engine for optimal performance, drain gear case oil, change a water pump impeller, change crankcase oil and filter, rebuild the carburetor, or to simply replace the clutch dog.

When considering whether to buy a how-to book or video, keep in mind that marine repair books are better at explaining theory and going into minute detail, while videos hold the edge in demonstrating an easy-to-follow process of repair and final reassembly. For a big project, it's best to have both. Here are some suggestions from our editors for books that are available from Amazon Bookseller.