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CARB Star System for Rating 2-Stroke Outboard Motor Exhaust Emissions


Outboard Shoot-out: Two-Stroke versus Four-Stroke Outboard Motors. And the Winner is


All About Kerosene Outboard Motors

Multiple Outboard Motors: Comparing the Performance of Twins, Triples and Quad Installations.

Twins Versus Triple Outboard Motors

Twins Versus Single Outboard Motors

Is There an Outboard Motor Transom Bracket in Your Future?

Kicker Motor Brackets for Outboard Motors

How Much Outboard Motor Can Your Afford? How Much Horsepower Can You Afford?

How to Choose the Right Dinghy Outboard Motor

Diesel Engines


Common Rail Marine Diesels: What Makes it Tick?


How Diesel Got Its Groove Back


JetPac Pod Motor: A Diesel Motor in a Box



 Gas Inboards and

Stern drives

Marine versus Auto Engines: Are They Interchangeable?

Pyschic Predictions: The Marine Engine of the Future.

Repowering Tips: Gas, Diesel and Horsepower Choices

Marine Engine Timeline: From Ancient Times to Mercury Verado.

How to Extend the Life of a Marine Engine.

Green Machines: Environmentally Friendly Horsepower


Small Outboard Motor Technology

How to Choose a Small Outboard Motor for a Dingy

Doel Fin: Does the Hydrofoil attachment for outboard motors and stern drives work?

Comparing the Specifications of Small Outboard Motors


All About Cutless Bearings

Diagnose and Repair a Spun Propeller Hub.

Dial in the Right Pitch Propeller


TBI Versus MPI: The difference between throttle body fuel injection and multi port fuel injection.

Who invented direct injection for outboard motors?

Extended Protection Warranties for Outboard Motors: Yeah, or Nay?

Outboard Motor Warranties: How long do they run?

Oppornockity: The True Tale of an Ace Marine Mechanic.

All About Engine Room Ventilation

Steam Engines for Modern Boats

Go Faster On Cheap Horsepower.

How to Make More Horsepower




How to Choose & Use a Marine Electrical Generator.

How to Choose and Use a Portable Electrical Generator.

Steyr IFG Flywheel GenSet.

How Low Carbon Monoxide GenSets Save Lives.

All About Small GenSets: How Many kW Do You Need?

Westerbeke's Mini 13 Electrical Generator. (12.6 kW).

Onan Meets SmartCraft: GenSets

Electric Outboards

Torqeedo: The Electric Outboard Motor

Electric Outboard Motor for Kayaks


Is Your Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Killing Your Marine Engine

Fuel and oil Related

Using Flexible Fuel Bladders to Extend Range.

Water in the fuel

Know Your Fuel: Is 93 Octane the Best Choice?

How Much Fuel Will Your Outboard Motors Burn: A Chart.

Diesel Fuel Polishing

Refueling Tips

Fuel Filter Funnels

Keep Diesel Fuel Clean:

Are You Burning The Wrong Fuel?

Synthetics: Good For What Oils Your Marine Motor?

Will Crude Oil Contaminated Water Kill a Marine Engine?

What To Do With an Oil Burner

Alternative Fuel

The Fish Carburetor: Viable for Today's Alternative Fuels

Crude Oil Spills

How to Operate a Marine Engine in Crude Oil Contaminated Waters