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Joystick Piloting for Mercury 250 & 300 Hp Verado Outboards

joystick piloting for outboards Mercury Marine's Verado family of four-strokes just became an even more tantalizing possibility for boaters contemplating a new installation or refit of twin, treble or quad outboard motors. Mercury's new Joystick Piloting allows effortless steering of a multi-engine boat in any direction, including sideways, diagonally - more -

Yamaha F9.9 and T9.9 Redesign

Yamaha F9 Outboard motor The first thing Yamaha Motors did to improve its F9.9 and high-thrust T9.9 outboard motors was to make them easier to store. The simple solution was to add resting pads on the back of the motor allowing the motor to stand bolt upright on its back instead of laying on its side like a beached whale. If need be, though, the F9.9 and T9.9 outboard motors can also be laid to rest on their side. Not only - more -

Volvo Penta 225-hp Smallblock V8

Volvo Penta 225 horsepower V8 Volvo Penta's introduction of a 350 CID smallblock V8 rated just 225-horsepower is an intriguing happenstance. The same displacement marinized GM marine is more commonly rated at a much higher output(292 hp @ 4800 rpm). So why in the world of marine engines was this one de-tuned? - more -

Suzuki DF300A V6 Outboard

Suzuki DF300 300 horsepower outboard Selective Counter-Rotation and New Engine Management Firmware. A few years ago Suzuki Marine introduced the world's first production 300-horsepower, four-stroke outboard motor, the DF300. Now we are blessed with the arrival of the 300-horsepower outboard's second generation, the DF300A. - more -

Yamaha F200 I-4 Outboard

Yamaha F200  200-horsepower outboard Yamaha's F200 InLine four-cylinder outboard motor is the lightest 200-horsepower four-stroke on the market weighing in at just 487 pounds. For the record, that's 119 pounds and 22 percent lighter than Yamaha's F200 V6, or what a comparable 2-stroke weighs. Replete with Dual Overhead Camshafts, it is lightweight - m o r e -

Evinrude E-TEC 135 HO

Evinrude ETEC 135 HO

Built to compete with 100 to 150 horsepower 4-strokes, Evinrude E-TEC 135 HO is a direct-injected 2-stroke outboard specifically engineered for high performance boats including freshwater fishing, pontoons, bay and flats or inshore and offshore saltwater applications. - more -

Yamaha VMAX SHO 150 Horse (4-Stroke)

Yamaha VZ 150 SHO outboard motor

Back in the day when 4-stroke outboards first hit the water, they were heavier and mildly anemic at lower rpm than competing 2-strokes. That's changed for the better to the point where today's 4-stroke outboards perform as well and in some cases even surpass 2-stroke outboard performance. Yamaha Marine's V MAX SHO 150. - more -

Volvo Penta's 380-Hp 6.0 Liter VVT

Volvo Penta 380 hp V8

Variable Valve Timing has begun to trickle down from automotive engines and big horsepower outboard motors to marine engines. A good example is Volvo Penta's new VVT V8 marine engine that boasts the brutish power of a big block along with the enviably good fuel economy of a small block. - more -

Suzuki Marine DF15A and DF20A

Suzuki DF15 15 horse outboard motor Suzuki Marine DF15A and DF20A are twin-cylinder outboards boasting an Electronic Fuel Injection that does not require a battery. The motors can be rope-started, electric start is optional. The Suzuki EFI requires two pulls of the rope in order to energize the fuel injectors and then start the engine. More specifically, the crankshaft has to rotate through 720 degrees (two full turns of the crank) in order for the magneto to generate enough zap. - more -

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